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Take Me With You

Join our bright young things for a country weekend of fun, frivolity and family with our latest Ettinger Winter Campaign, Take Me With You.

Heading out of town on a Friday night with family or friends has got to be one of the best feelings there is. After a week of being pulled every which way, the few days of lighthearted revelry and memory-making with your favourite people, places and things are finally here.

So, fill the car with your favourites, sling your weekend bags, briefcases and totes in the back and hit the road. Be sure to make the most of this precious time – get out of yourself, get close, create stories and above all, be playful.

Turn up the drive and sound the horn or blow your trumpet loud to signal your arrival home. The house you know so well, full of heirloom objects – your father’s cufflinks box or hip flask, or your mother’s jewellery box, perhaps – welcomes you with open arms.

As your weekend gang piles into the kitchen, attaché cases and totes land on the table alongside smart leather portfolios and brightly coloured wallets. The city and the country collide, effortlessly. Pour yourself a glass of wine and relax, as you switch off your city settings and get ready for some restorative merriment in your favourite place.

Unpack your bag and change into something with a celebratory feel – go wild with an elegant weekend wardrobe (you’d be surprised how much you can fit in a Pursuits Cotswold Weekend Bag).

Think family favourites, colour and out there heritage pieces, and don’t forget to keep your essentials safe in your neat Capra Travel Pouch. Now get the music going, the wine flowing and enjoy food, laughter and cracking company.

Next morning, it’s time to get outside – enjoy the fresh air on your face and the green space reviving you after the city’s hard pavements and muted pallets.

Climb a tree, play, run and walk  – feel revitalised. 

Take time for yourself, whether that be in your favourite steamy bathtub with a view over the gardens, or even al fresco.

Whatever life throws at you, you know that the people, places and things you love will always be there, familiar and reassuring. Gerry Ettinger’s trusty bowler hat and umbrella travelled with him throughout his life, to family gatherings as much as business meetings. Take a bit of home and happiness with you wherever you go. Nothing could be more important this new decade than keeping your heritage close, by celebrating the places and people you love.