Royal Warrant

  1. By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales

Manufacturers of Leather Goods

  1. Ettinger Ltd, London

Ettinger has been manufacturing leather goods for members of the Royal Family for many years and in 1996 this work was formally recognised when we were granted a Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales.

Having a Royal Warrant is a great privilege and has certainly contributed to establishing Ettinger's reputation as a quality leather goods brand around the world. We do have to obey a set of rules, however, chief of which is discretion and respect for the Royal Family and its various images and insignia. We therefore cannot disclose what we make for HRH The Prince of Wales and we must use the Royal Warrant cipher in very specific ways only.

A Royal Warrant can be granted once a company has been supplying the Royal Household for at least 5 years on a regular basis, however the decision to grant a Royal Warrant rests entirely with the Royal Household. Once the Warrant has been granted we are entitled to become a member of the Royal Warrant Holders Association, of which we have been proud members since 1996.

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