Corporate Responsibility Policy

Ettinger, a niche brand with a global presence that cares for its local community.

At Ettinger, we believe we have a corporate responsibility to respect the rights of people today, those of future generations and the importance of caring for our shared environment. This belief informs all aspects of our business decisions.

We trust that every individual should be treated fairly and transparently with dignity and respect whether it is a member of our staff, a customer, a supplier or a member of the community at large. We also feel that we have a special duty to protect those most vulnerable in society globally.

It is our mission to look after the environment and conserve energy resources not only for this generation but also for future generations to come. We acknowledge the devastating effects of climate change not only for humanity but also for wildlife, plant species and ecosystems and we want to do our best to minimise our impact on the environment, including our carbon footprint.

Therefore we undertake to engage our corporate responsibility in the following fields.


  • To promote equal opportunities and not discriminate against anyone on account of class, race, gender or creed.
  • To promote the interests of those most vulnerable in society.
  • To treat everyone with transparency, fairness, dignity and respect.
  • To adhere to Health and Safety policies for the safety of all employees and encourage our suppliers to do the same.
  • To meet with our employees to promote job satisfaction and respond to their needs whether in training or development.
  • To provide a clean, comfortable and pleasant work environment.
  • To encourage a good atmosphere and promote working together.
  • To use and support services available in the local community.
  • To promote British craftsmanship and preserve traditional skills through apprenticeships, training, mentoring and communication.
  • To treat our suppliers fairly and build relationships based on trust and pay a fair price on time.
  • To give total customer satisfaction by taking great pride in producing the very best products and offering a truly first class service in packaging, delivery and post purchase care.


  • To minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible. 
  • To minimise the use of electricity and gas by good insulation, double glazing, energy efficient boilers, low voltage light bulbs etc.
  • To develop green energy where possible.
  • To minimise and recycle waste.
  • To minimise all business travel and use public transport where possible.
  • To minimise the impact of our deliveries by grouping orders as much as possible and by using carriers with well-established sustainability programmes.
  • To use leather that is responsibly sourced, firstly from the UK or otherwise from Europe where the livestock is subject to European standards of welfare.
  • To only use leather that is vegetable tanned or tanned with approved chemicals (fully in compliance with EU regulations, REACH).
  • To minimise leather wastage through careful cutting, adequate quality control throughout the manufacturing process and encouraging alternative use of waste leather.
  • This Corporate Responsibility Policy has been reviewed and approved by Ettinger’s governing board.

Date: 10th August 2023
Signed for and on behalf of the board:

Robert Ettinger, Chairman