The Gentlemen | A Netflix Collaboration

The Gentlemen | A Netflix Collaboration

Ettinger, together with Avantcha Tea, Truefitt & Hill and Henry Poole, have come together to partner with Netflix, creating an exclusive collection of typically British products in celebration of the new TV series “The Gentlemen”. An adaption of Guy Ritchie’s 2019 movie, the series promises to take viewers into a world where aristocracy and world-class criminals collide, featuring acting stars Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Joely Richardson, Vinnie Jones and Ray Winstone. 

To bring the world of the series to life, Netflix has partnered with several luxury brands that create products central to the series’ plotline. The embodiment of British craftsmanship, high-quality and traditions, each of these brands have created a product that characterises an element of the series.



Our collection has been designed to celebrate the nobility and elegance of the series while maintaining a certain edge to reflect the journey of its main character ‘Eddie’, played by Theo James, as he navigates his way from aristocrat to criminal mastermind.

Made using black goat leather, each piece from the collection features the striking Halstead family shield, adding to the distinct “Britishness” that Ettinger has become known for worldwide since 1934.


Watching in wonderment as Eddie Horniman, the Duke of Halstead’s character smoulders throughout the hotly anticipated The Gentlemen series, British heritage male grooming brand Truefitt & Hill,  is reminded of similar swells and bucks who continue to pass through its haloed doors. Royalty, aristocrats, movie stars and stylish rouges, Truefitt & Hill have seen them all – some gentlemen ahead of their time, some gentlemen most of the time, sharing a love of one aroma: the sleek scent of Sandalwood.

Suitably packaged with crest and regal embellishment, The Gentlemen Sandalwood from Truefitt & Hill packs a punch. Infused with the essence of sandalwood, this fragrance exudes swagger and an extra touch of confidence, mirroring the charisma of the series' protagonist, Eddie Halstead, the Duke of Halstead. With notes that assert ‘I’m in charge, I have the room, I am The Gentleman’, our scent perfectly embodies the very essence of this thrilling new series. Shop the collection here



As part of the Gentlemen Collection Capsule, luxury tea brand AVANTCHA has created a unique tea blend for each leading man. A classic, smooth Majestic Earl Grey for ‘good guy’ Eddie, and a spicy, surprising Chocolate Chilli for his ‘bad boy’ brother Freddy. 

Eddie’s tea is a classic organic black tea, refined with the highest quality bergamot essence from Sicily and a touch of dried marigold petals. Only the very finest for an elegant, honest captain. 

For Freddy, it’s an explosive blend of organic black tea with real chocolate, chilli flakes and hazelnut brittle. For those that like it hot and thrilling, this tea is for the spicy and spirited. 

Available in gift boxes, tin tea caddies, or silk tea bag boxes, there’s also a tea cocktail recipe for each blend online that’s easy to make and enjoy at home. Find out more about AVANTCHA’s Teas for the Gentlemen here.


The collection from Henry Poole & Co is traditional, yet perfectly suited to the wardrobe of the modern, well dressed man. Including a luxurious silk scarf and striking gold cufflinks, they have created two versatile and contemporary products. The stag which forms the crest atop the Halstead family arms, takes centre stage on the face of a pair of traditional chain link cufflinks, creating a timeless accessory.  

To compliment the cufflinks, Henry Poole designed a lightweight scarf, crafted from a blend of silk and wool. The chosen silk incorporates a design referencing elements from the show in navy on an ivory ground, with a lightweight wool in matching navy on the reverse side.  The beauty in this scarf lies not only in the luxurious silk and wool mixture, but also in its versatility; a great everyday piece which also pairs well with more formal attire, such as a dinner suit or velvet jacket.

Shop the collection here

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