Ettinger Shop, Tokyo

Ettinger Shop, Tokyo

We asked our colleagues in Japan to tell us a little bit more about the Ettinger Tokyo Shop.

Tell us a little about the history of the shop?
The Ettinger shop was opened in a reception attended by The British Ambassador and Mr. and Mrs. Ettinger in October 2010. The Ettinger shop is in Ginza, Tokyo’s most exclusive shopping area. The shop was especially designed by a Japanese designer to showcase the Iconic Ettinger British leather Accessories Brand.

Ettinger Shop in Ginza District, Tokyo.

Ettinger Shop in Ginza District, Tokyo.

Is it a very British experience when you visit the shop?
It is a very authentic, traditional British experience, even the bricks were imported from Europe. Inside not only the design but the accessories and artefacts all contribute to a unique British atmosphere. The Royal Warrant, bestowed by the Prince of Wales, hangs reassuringly on the wall, providing an internationally recognized Royal Seal of Approval.

Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales  Ettinger

Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales was granted to Ettinger in 1996.

Do you have a large selection of products in the shop and are some not available elsewhere?
We have a very wide range of products available in our shop to meet the needs of our very loyal customer base, whilst also attracting many new customers to the shop. These include bags, wallets, purses, belts, totes and briefcases amongst others. 

Ettinger Shop in Ginza District, Tokyo.

Inside the Ettinger Shop in Ginza, Tokyo.

What will be new in the shop?
We will have more minimalized wallets to introduce to our younger customers who use less and less cash nowadays. We are also developing a new specialist ladies’ collection, especially for our very loyal and discerning shop customers.

Robert Ettinger in Ettinger Shop Ginza District, Tokyo.

Robert Ettinger with the Ettinger Shop team. 

What makes the Ettinger Tokyo shop so very special?
Ettinger is a specialist small leather accessories brand and no other imported, similar brands have their own freestanding shop in Tokyo. Ettinger products are British, beautifully crafted, contemporary in design and multigenerational in appeal. We hope to give everyone who visits our shop a very welcoming and luxurious experience.

Robert Ettinger at Ettinger Shop in Ginza, Tokyo.

Robert Ettinger

Please visit Ettinger Japan website at

7-8-19 Ginza
Tel: 03 6215 6161
Monday - Sunday: 11am - 10pm

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