The Ettinger Team's Summer Plans

The Ettinger Team's Summer Plans

Discover the exciting summer plans of the Ettinger team and get inspired by their handpicked holiday essentials. From must-visit destinations to their favourite travel accessories, find out what makes their summer truly special!


"This summer and autumn is taken up by a number of business trips and a holiday as well. In mid-July, I will be going to New York for a week to work. We now have an Ettinger showroom in New York which is very close to Bergdorf Goodman, and I will be hosting a number of press and influencer events during the four days that I’m in the US.

Then, in the middle of August, I’m having a week holiday and joining friends on their boat in the Mediterranean. I will be meeting them in Athens, and then heading south to a number of islands depending on the weather.

I like to travel light and my favourite piece of luggage which will be taken on board is the New Cotswold Weekend Bag. On short haul flights I tend to fly with companies that are quite strict about the size of one’s hand luggage and this bag always fits into the cage that they sometimes make you put your bag into to ensure it is not too large."


"I'm heading to Porto in a few weeks with my fiancé to spend a couple of days in the Portuguese sun.

I always like to take a variety of jewellery on my travels and my Capra Ecru Small Jewellery Box joins me on every trip. Whether it's long-haul holiday, or in this case, a long weekend, the box is the perfect size to carry and keeps my jewellery safe with its suede lining. 

Personally, I wear finer jewellery, so the small size works perfectly for me, and the Capra leather is hard-wearing, so it hasn't marked, despite being thrown into multiple bags over time!"


"This summer I will be heading to the Snowdonia region of North Wales to spend time with my family. It’s always a good feeling to be driving through the Glyderau mountains with my husband and son, on my way to my childhood home - the landscape is dramatic and feels ancient.

I’m hoping for the good weather that will allow us to do what we enjoy most when we return to Wales – swim in the sea. My favourite beaches are on the Isle of Anglesey, particular favourites being Lligwy and Llanddwyn. Miles of sand, dunes, forest and clear water.

I have an interest in ancient history and Anglesey has many prehistoric sites for exploring. The neolithic Bryn Celli Ddu is one we have visited often. It has a solemn, peaceful atmosphere which creates a feeling of serenity when you stand in its presence.

The Ettinger item I always take with me is my Sterling Glasses Case in Turquoise. It fits my sunglasses perfectly as well as my glasses. I love the colour as it evokes the feeling of summer and the soft leather is very tactile. The turquoise also helps me locate it quickly in my bag or a room – it stands out!" 


"This summer, I’m headed to Paris to cheer on my younger brother Toby as he competes in the Olympics for the first time – he’s a 19 year old climber representing GB and aiming for gold! Toby has dedicated countless hours to perfecting his technique and building his strength and it’s incredible to see him thriving. Accompanied by my family, we are all really looking forward to this unforgettable experience and the chance to cheer him on in person.

I never travel without my Ettinger Capra Travel Pouch, it’s always in my bag and keeps my essentials organised wherever I go. It’s compact yet spacious enough to hold all my travel necessities, ensuring I have everything I need!

In my travel pouch, you’ll find my passport, snacks, three different types of lip balm, a pen, headphones and of course… SPF! With all these essentials, I will be fully prepared for an amazing trip to Paris."


"As per usual, every summer I travel home for 2 weeks. This year is no different! My son and I will spend 2 weeks with my parents in the countryside of Portugal, in a mountain slope called Serra da Estrela (Star mountain), where I was born and raised. 

Serra da Estrela is an area of rare landscape beauty, with striking mountain drops, where you can have a deep experience of the silence of the heights. Take advantage of those moments of communion with nature. We love to climb up to the highest top of the mountain and explore, admire the glacier valleys, drink water from a river source and discover the cool river beaches where you can swim all day long. It’s a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

I’ll take the Sterling Visiting Card Case- small, compact wallet that holds my cards, whether debit, credit, driving License, and so on. A useful card holder allows me to store my most important cards within easy reach while also allowing me to slide it into the pockets of my small handbag without becoming disorganised."

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