Robert Ettinger in conversation with Tom Edwards | Monocle Radio

Robert Ettinger in conversation with Tom Edwards | Monocle Radio

On the 8th of May, our CEO Robert Ettinger sat down with Tom Edwards, host of ‘The Entrepreneurs’ show on Monocle radio for a rich discussion about Ettinger, detailing the past and the future of the company. Here is a glimpse of their exchange.

The conversation begins with the question of Ettinger's approach to sustainability, an important element of the business, now more than ever. Our timeless accessories and manufacturing processes are key to this. Robert states: "We are not high fashion, we don’t change our collections every 6 months which is a good thing.

After this, they discussed the interesting evolution of Ettinger's customers, due to the emergence of online stores. Robert says: "Since we started selling online, direct to the public, the age group that is buying our products is between the age of 24 and 46, that’s younger than we thought." He also mentioned how important websites are to get direct opinions and insights on our products from customers. We learn a lot from them and always try to consider their vision whenever possible.

Tom then asked about the creative process at Ettinger. Robert gave some insight about it: "We have brainstorming sessions in our showroom in Putney every few months to think about new ideas and new ways of doing things. We have a lot of wonderful products and ideas that come out of these." The whole team is always included and the factory employees are key assets to these. Indeed, they are able to tell us if a product or an idea is doable or if it is too expensive and won't sell. 

The host was very intrigued by the Royal Warrant that Ettinger was granted in 1996 by HRH The Prince of Wales. They discussed the process of being granted the Royal Warrant and how valuable it is to the business. Robert comments: "Having the Royal Warrant is very important for us, particularly where we’re exporting. Although even now in Britain, it’s getting important. Generally, the British public has a lot of respect for royalty. I think it helps us a lot as a business."

Although Ettinger has a strong online presence, we sell to retailers everywhere in the world and having a Royal Warrant helps.

Robert told a captivating story about his first time in Japan, 25 years ago when he was visiting countless companies that were considering representing the brand. None of them wished to sign Ettinger at the time, until a year later, when we were granted the Royal Warrant. He adds: "The following year, we went back and had the royal warrant and suddenly there seemed to be more interest. To have the warrant on the product, on the box, it is the seal of approval in quality and trust."

After discussing the overseas markets Ettinger is established in, Tom and Robert finished their conversion on the future of the brand and the leather goods market. Robert mentioned the latest products that were released and teased some new launches: "We are working on designing new range pf travel games, that people can take with them and play with them when they are relaxing with their family."

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