A Conversation with David Conti | Italian Brand Ambassador

A Conversation with David Conti | Italian Brand Ambassador

As a great enthusiast of British culture, values and craftsmanship, it was very natural for David to fall in love with Ettinger when he first discovered the brand. His passion for high quality products has even led him to become brand ambassador for several luxury brands.

Discover the portrait of David Conti, finance student and brand ambassador from Italy.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself David?

“Of course! My name is David Conti, I am Italian and grew up in a little town called Pienza, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I graduated from an Economics and Business degree and am currently doing an MBA, specialising in Corporate Finance. Getting these degrees has meant a lot to me as I think that in a constantly changing world, it is crucial to have a good education level. I am hoping to get into a Wealth Management company after finishing my degree but on the side, I currently work as an ambassador for several brands from the fashion and luxury sector.”

How did you discover this passion for leather goods?

“My family, especially my mother, was passionate of high-quality products. Even if we are Italians, and have great quality garments crafted in Italy, she would always get me clothes or small leather goods like belts made in England. I was raised wearing pieces made in England and as I got older, I kept her taste and love for British products but also started searching brands to fit my personal style and values. I have then discovered or rediscovered certain brands that align with my current style but also my values such as sustainability which to me is a must nowadays and a mark of great quality.”

How did you become a brand ambassador?

“In 2018, I was invited by the champagne house Moët & Chandon to the Worldwide Premiere of the Italian show ‘L’Amica Geniale’ and photos of me were taken on the red carpet. This event helped me get attention of a few brands who reached out to me to collaborate. One of the first brands I have been lucky to collaborate with was a Swiss watch brand. After that, I started working with British brands such as Sperry-Topsider and Fulton, the umbrella company, which was Queen Elizabeth’s staple. They hold a Royal Warrant by appointment by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.”

What do you like about being a brand ambassador?

“My favourite thing about it is the possibility to work so closely with the marketing and communication teams and the trust that we build. I also of course love to wear a lot of beautiful pieces. I think that dressing appropriately is a way of representing a culture which is why I find myself so close to British culture when I wear pieces that are made in England. There really is a strong link between clothes, tradition and culture.”

When was the first time you’ve heard about Ettinger and how?

“I discovered Ettinger because of the Royal Warrant that was granted by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, now His Majesty The King. I have always looked at the brands that were granted a Royal Warrant because to me they represent the best of English style and quality, so I had to try Ettinger and I was not disappointed! I instantly connected with the brand’s values due to its timeless style and incredible quality. Since then, I got many products, from belts to card holders and I have become a proud client and a real enthusiast of Ettinger... I really think it’s one of the gems of the British leather goods sector.”

What do you specifically like about Ettinger?

“What makes the brand special is that it is made in England. The timeless designs can be passed on from one generation to the other. A belt can be given to a son, and will remain in the family heritage. I also like the British style that Ettinger represents and the details of the products. They are simple but so well thought, which is what makes a difference between an Ettinger product and another brand. They are really beautiful, and the products can be used in so many occasions, from the city to the countryside, they’re evergreen.”

Do you have any future project involving luxury brands?

“Absolutely! This year, I’ll be on the red carpet of Venice Film Festival again and will wear lots of British brands. I also plan on organising a shooting in my countryside place to shoot some pieces. I will also attend some gala dinners for charity events in Italy during fashion week in Milan.”

Do you have any other passions in life?

“Yes, all my passions are related to the countryside such as fly fishing, hunting or horse riding. I also simply like to put on a pair of wellies to go out for a walk with my dog or to drive my old Range Rover on the countryside roads after a week spent in the city. That is what makes me genuinely happy, I am a proud country man!”

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