Goat Leather

Refined, supple and extremely durable, this natural grained goat leather ages beautifully over time.  

Goat leather, traditionally called Morocco leather, is often considered one of the finest leathers in the world. Used for bookbinding since Shakespearean times; it is known for its softness, flexibility and strength. It is one of the most resilient leathers, with a visible natural grain, that absorbs colour better than any other hide.

Traditionally, the finest goat leathers were sourced from Morocco, and imported into Europe. By the early 1900's tanneries in Europe had become experts in the processing of goat leather. 

The goat leather sourced for the Capra Collection is from the small French town of Mazamet, in the south west. That is the exact same factory where Gerry once bought his goat leather in the 1950s and 60s, when French tanneries had developed techniques to produce the most exquisite leathers.


Although goat leather is tough and naturally water resistant, you should look after it carefully as with any other luxury product. If the wallet gets wet, just leave it to dry it naturally. 

The best way to clean the leather is to wipe it with a soft damp cloth, then leave to dry naturally. You may use a small amount of Ettinger Leather Balm to clean the leather and to remove impurities. Applying a little Ettinger wax to polish once in a while will help protect and nourish the leather so that your item will last for many years. 

Generally speaking, avoid keeping your leather accessories in very wet or humid conditions. If they do get wet, leave out to dry naturally, away from strong heat sources. Once dry, you can apply a little leather wax. Leather is naturally a supple material so will change shape easily, which you may or may not want. In any case, please avoid compressing your leather accessories (for example in a tight pocket) as this will deform the items and can strain the stitching. This can also, especially with the combination of heat, humidity and pressure, cause your leather to deteriorate very quickly.

White leather is something that needs to be looked after carefully. Please keep this wallet away from non-colourfast materials, this can be common in jeans. Please keep the leather away from hand cream, sanitizer, perfume or grease and away from any sharp or abrasive surfaces. If you notice small black dots appearing these are most likely to be dirt sitting on the surface of the leather, and should be treated gently with a soft cloth. Never rub the surface with a dry or wet cloth. If the threads start to darken, then please do not attempt to clean them as this will only weaken them, instead use a piece of white chalk and lightly run it over the thread, this will help brighten them back up. If looked after well, you can enjoy the beauty of this pure white wallet for many years.