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Ettinger London Luxury Leather Black London Tan Billfold Wallet with 6 C/C
Ettinger London Luxury Leather Ettinger Grey London Tan Billfold Wallet with 6 C/C

London Tan London Tan Billfold Wallet with 6 C/C

£ 195.00

Description | Product Details

This classic billfold represents the best of British style. It is elegant, functional and most certainly eccentric featuring the iconic London Tan interior as well as exterior. Ettinger has been making bridle leather billfolds since the 1930s and even after so many decades they have remained our absolute bestseller and signature collection. 

Bridle leather is bound to change in time and acquires a beautiful shiny patina. The traditional English bridle leather is strong enough to keep your possessions protected, becoming a lifelong friend. The London Tan panel hide inside the wallet does darken in time and may bruise if put under pressure. We always advise against keeping the Bridle Hide products in trouser pockets, where the pressure and humid conditions may deteriorate the leather prematurely, especially if never cleaned nor polished. 

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