CapraMedium Zip Pouch



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The Capra Medium Zip Pouch in white truly stands out. The simple and light A5-size is perfect for business and leisure, store your iPad, Kindle, notepads and other essentials effortlessly in the large compartment, and use the side pocket to separate papers and cards. The stylish contemporary colour scheme and simplistic design makes it a suitable accessory with any outfit. The grainy goat leather surface comes in a beautiful monochrome colour, boasting a grey jacquard fabric within. The small size means it is perfect to also be stored in a handbag or a briefcase, ready to be grabbed when you need to run for a meeting and just require the pure essentials. The zip holds your items securely inside, making this pouch also a stylish travel wallet. The goat leather has natural lanolin in the skin, this deters dirt from penetrating the leather easily. Before using your pouch please read the care instructions carefully to make sure it continues to look beautiful, as misuse can age the leather prematurely. 

White leather is something that needs to be looked after carefully. Please keep this pouch away from non-colourfast materials, this can be common in jeans. Please keep the leather away from hand cream, sanitizer, perfume or grease and away from any sharp or abrasive surfaces. If you notice small black dots appearing these are most likely to be dirt sitting on the surface of the leather, and should be treated gently with a soft cloth. Never rub the surface with a dry or wet cloth. If the threads start to darken, then please do not attempt to clean them as this will only weaken them, instead use a piece of white chalk and lightly run it over the thread, this will help brighten them back up. If looked after well, you can enjoy the beauty of the pure white pouch for many years.


Outside leather:

goat leather

Side leather:

goat leather

Pocket linings:

jacquard fabric

Features list:

1 slip pocket


26.5cm X 18cm X 3cm (closed)

Net weight:

280g approx.


handmade Ettinger gift box

Product care:

wipe clean with a soft damp cloth, 

leave to dry naturally, then follow the

specific instructions for the leathers in

Read more about this leather below


Goat Leather

Goat leather, traditionally called Morocco leather, is known for its softness, light weight and strength. It is one of the most resilient leathers, the structure of the leather gives the hide a distinctive tight grainy texture with ridges, resembling to pebbles. The natural properties of the goat leather mean that it is water resistant, very supple and soft.