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Keep Me Close

Discover the Ettinger family with our new Ettinger Autumn/Winter Campaign, Keep Me Close

There are some things you will keep by your side for life; things that travel with you and have stories to tell; some things that you have to keep close, always.

Whether it’s the weekend bag you always pack for family gatherings in the country; the monogrammed hip flask you took travelling; the briefcase that you carried when you won your first pitch, or the brightly hued portfolio and glasses case that brighten up your desk every morning, some possessions are just part of your personality. They lift your spirits, and your look – they are always there with you.

Ettinger’s elegant, modern pieces don’t just accompany you through the different stages of your own life, they become part of your family’s shared experience. The ultimate heirloom is beautifully crafted, monogrammed and handed down through the generations, passing with them stories and familiarity.

Which leads us to the story of Gerry’s attaché case, hat and umbrella. Ettinger’s founder, Gerry Ettinger (father of current CEO, Robert Ettinger), was always immaculately turned out – back in the 1930s, gentlemen’s style was, of course, a little more on the formal side. He sported a suit, white shirt and tie, almost daily, and was never without his handmade umbrella, with his name engraved in brass around the handle, or his bowler hat.

The dashing Gerry set up G. Ettinger’s first showroom on Vigo Street, just off London’s Regent Street in 1934. This was a golden age of craftsmanship – a time of beautifully manufactured objects before fast fashion and disposable consumer culture. G. Ettinger Ltd. sold everything from correspondence cases and folding photo frames, to wallets and purses, each of which would last for generations.

Ettinger also made and sold briefcases, and Gerry’s very own attaché case, with the initials embossed along the side, still takes pride of place, alongside his umbrella and his bowler hat, in the Ettinger showroom, beside its much younger siblings. It must be said that it’s a little scuffed, but it has developed a beautiful patina, which, of course, tells its story.

As you pick up your briefcase or tuck your wallet into your back pocket each morning, your Ettinger piece becomes part of your life, your personality and, hopefully, part of your family for years to come. So, make sure to keep them close.