It takes at least 5 years to fully train a new Ettinger craftsperson to make leather goods with our degree of sophistication.

Ettinger takes great pride in its craftspeople. Among the last to still make leather goods in the UK, the quality of our goods and attention to detail are paramount to our success. We continuously improve our quality control to ensure the highest standards throughout the production process. 

The Ettinger factory taken in 1929

It is no wonder, then, that it takes at least 5 years to fully train a new Ettinger craftsperson and that, collectively, we have over 600 years manufacturing experience!

One of the finest leather workers in England

Factory Manager & Pattern Maker | Gary Billingham

Gary has worked in our factory since he was 16 and, needless to say, has a wealth of experience under his belt. He is our main pattern and sample maker and is also the factory manager. Pattern making means transforming a 2D drawing (or sometimes nothing more than a small description over the phone) into a working 3D model by creating all the necessary parts of the item. These parts are generally made of cardboard first and then hand cut in leather.

Most of us have one or several family members that have worked in the small leather goods making industry

Gary Billingham

Quality Controller | Meg Sims

Meg ensures our quality control is second to none. She's been working in the the Ettinger factory since she was 16, so her eagle eye is certainly well trained. In the factory she ensures our production runs smoothly and manages a team of outworkers.

Meg is the first point of contact for our suppliers, and ensures we have the best product available on the market.

In recent years Meg has been at the helm of our initialling service, perfecting the skills and producing the finest results.

Sample Maker | Michelle Peach

Michelle has gold in her hands, she is one of the rare craftspeople who excel at all the manufacturing stages, from hand-cutting to assembling and stitching, that's why she is our main sample maker. She is not only very good at that, but she is fast too. That is why she was hand-picked to be photographed by Anthony Osmond-Evans for his " Spirit of London " book, which was distributed to all the athletes at the London 2012 Olympics. Well done Michelle...

Discover the skills needed to make Ettinger's leather goods. Filmed at Ettinger's factory in Walsall (West Midlands, England), this video celebrates the very best leather goods craftsmanship, from selecting the skins, to cutting, to assembling, then finishing and packing.

It takes time and infinite patience to achieve the best.


Our factory in Walsall runs an apprenticeship scheme to train new leather workers. If you would be interested to learn more about this or apply to join us, please contact the factory directly by email here.