Watch these films and explore the intricacies of our leather manufacturing processes, you can get a good understanding about the beauty of our craft and how passionate we are about it.

Interview with Ettinger's Factory Manager Gary Billingham
Gary is the Ettinger's Factory Manager and Sample Maker. He joined the factory when he was 16, coming to help out for a couple of weeks, and staying for a month only to be handed the keys to lock up soon after. Decades later, Gary is still with Ettinger and now manages the factory. See more to hear Gary's thoughts on leather goods making at the Ettinger factory and why he has stayed in British manufacturing. 

A Celebration of Craft
Discover the skills needed to make Ettinger's leather goods. Filmed at Ettinger's factory in Walsall (West Midlands, England), this video celebrates the very best leather goods craftsmanship, from selecting the skins, to cutting, to assembling, then finishing and packing. It takes time and infinite patience to achieve the best.

The Art of Personalising Ettinger Leather Gifts

Adding initials to a finished product requires a lot of skill and experience and consists of heating some special brass blocking dies before applying onto the leather goods with some gold or silver foil. This is therefore done by our best craftsperson to guarantee the best results. The special set of characters that we use were commissioned especially by us in a unique and highly elegant style and we currently can add up to 5 characters per leather item. Most items will be blocked on the front bottom right-hand corner, but this may vary from item to item. Moreover, not all our products can be initialled, due to manufacturing restrictions. If the option does not appear on the product page, then this item cannot be initialled. Ettinger takes great care to block initials by hand, with each custom letter set adjusted individually to ensure the spacing achieves just the right balance and the emboss remains very crisp and delicate. This is done by a specialist craftsperson in our factory and so can take up to 1 week for delivery.