HeritageSt James Lid-Over Attaché Case with iPad Pocket



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Just for you - This item is made to order and will take between 10 to 12 weeks for delivery.




Just like the original St James Attaché Case, based on Gerry's original piece, the St James Lid-Over with an iPad pocket is smaller and slimmer than the traditional attachés. Whilst having stayed true to our traditional framework, the pocket has been added to adapt to modern business needs. Your iPad or tablet can easily be stored away in there and kept safely in one place by using the switch fastening, stopping pens and smaller folders from scratching the device. 

The case in smooth hazelnut is for the person who appreciates the traditions and craftsmanship of an attaché but wants something different from the classic black and brown. The exterior is made using the traditional bridle leather and for the interior you can choose from a variety of three colours of long grain skiver (red, blue and green) or a natural suede. We use only the very best brass locks and fittings to ensure that every part lasts as long as the leather. 

This case is made-to-order especially for you. The unique craftsmanship required to make it means that we can only make a few at a time, so please allow around 10 weeks for delivery. Because this attaché case is made-to-order, please do ask about any additional details you may wish to have such as initials or feet. 


Outside leather:

bridle hide

Inside leather:

choice of 3 colours of skiver

or natural suede

Features list:

brass locks,

single pocket on the lid,

two keys, key loop, 

luggage tag, 

Ettinger Leather Wax


41cm X 9cm X 28.5cm (closed)

Net weight:

2.2kg approx.


Ettinger dust bag

Product care:

wipe clean with a soft damp cloth, 

leave to dry naturally, then follow the

specific instructions for the leathers in

Read more about this leather below


Traditional English Bridle Hide

The most English of all leathers, traditional bridle hide is made using a lengthy and natural process involving centuries old tanning pits and painstaking hand-finishing. It is only in this way that we can achieve the thickness, durability and especially the distinctive look and feel of this traditional equestrian leather.


Skiver is a term commonly used to describe a dressed goat or sheep skin with a patterned embossing. Traditionally it is used as a lining and for book binding because it is very thin, supple and can have many effects applied onto it. We have ours glazed and embossed with a cross grain (also called paste grain) pattern and use this to line our attaché cases.

Natural Pig Suede

Pig suede has a silky touch and is instantly recognisable thanks to the little dots caused by the pig’s follicles. Pig skin is naturally thin and supple but this is enhanced further by several mechanical processes to massage and soften up the leather, once the skins have been chrome tanned and dyed through.
Suede is in fact the flesh side of the skin, which has been finely trimmed and brushed. It is a beautiful leather for lining fine leather accessories and bags.