The Journal talks to former fashion editor for The Rake turned independent menswear stylist and luxury consultant, Sarah Ann Murray, about Samuel L. Jackson, gender and Capra.


Here, we will be exploring the Ettinger style through the prism of a professional stylist, or indeed giving a platform to a personal style that we particularly admire.

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Grace Gilfeather

The Journal chats to the Rake’s Fashion Editor, Grace Gilfeather, about Prince Harry, Hollywood encounters and the importance of comfort. 

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The Stylish Jackal, Aleks Cvetkovic

Deputy Editor of The Jackal, Aleks Cvetkovic, is on a mission to bring London’s young City folk original, style-focused reading material for the commute. He talks to the Journal about his personal style journey, Fred Astaire and meditation.

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Henry Poole on How to Wear Morning Dress

For five days in June, 500 of the world’s finest racehorses will compete for £7.3m in prize money in front of 300,000 riveted race-goers (who will drink close-to 56,000 bottles of Champagne). As Royal Ascot is nearly upon us, the Journal talks to historic Savile Row tailors Henry Poole about what (and what not) to wear.

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New York Street Style legend, Guerre

Ettinger talks gentleman’s style with New York’s king of men’s Street Style, Karl-Edwin Guerre, more commonly know as just Guerre.   

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Style is a walk in the park for the Grey Fox

Men’s style blogger, the Grey Fox, talks brogues, tweed and Prince Charles to the Ettinger Journal

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Christmas decorating: a matter of taste

The Journal talks Christmas decorating with British Artist (and Arts Club Christmas installation creator) Tom Ellis and feather objet designer, Alice Wingfield Digby. Is 2017 the year of Avant Garde, or the more natural?

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How to dress - tips from our top London stylist

We head to Graham Cruz's studio to talk Samuel L. Jackson, shooting on safari and dressing to impress

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A modern gentleman: Robert Ettinger's style

Chairman and CEO Robert Ettinger talks tailors, bowler hats and attaché cases at his London club, Home House

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Only Brown - the shop brightening up Singapore menswear

Singapore entrepreneur, Kelvin Cheong, gives us his take on the resurgence of traditional style in Singapore and why purple is the new black

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Tweed on Bikes

There is nothing more English than racing down London streets on your vintage bicycle, dressed in well-pressed tweed before stopping for a cup of tea.