The Ettinger Journal takes you back to the 1930s as we visit the Beaumont Hotel, an Art Deco gem from the team behind the Ivy and the Wolseley.


In pursuit of happiness, discovery and enlightenment, we travel, we taste, we collect, we read... acquiring along the way singular experiences that we take great pleasure in sharing here.

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Ettinger reviews: Glitz and glamour at Villa D'Este, Lake Como

Ettinger travels back to the golden era of travel at Lake Como’s most magnificent establishment - Villa D’Este

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Ettinger reviews: a spring gastro-trip to Yorkshire

As big fans of all things British, the Ettinger Journal decided to head out of town for a rustic, yet opulent, gastro-weekend at the White Swan Inn, Pickering.

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Robert Ettinger’s Notes from South East Asia

Our Chairman and CEO, Robert Ettinger, shares his reflections from a recent trip to South East Asia and Dubai

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The continuing allure of the Alps

Luxe ski-travel experts Scott Dunn tell how the Alpine ski scene is going from strength to strength – you’ve just got to head for the heights

The Retail|

An Englishman in New York – a style and city guide

Ettinger’s guide to New York’s hottest hangouts and menswear developments

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Don't Stop Pedaling

'Life is like riding a bicycle, you don't fall off unless you stop pedaling' Robert Ettinger has taken to this famous quote quite literally.

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In the Beginning

Welcome to this first edition of the Ettinger Journal, where it seems natural to take you back to the very beginnings of our story.

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Journal on Location: Langrish House, Hampshire

The Journal team heads for a weekend of rural pursuits at historic country house hotel, Langrish House, in Hampshire’s Meon Valley.

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A Royal Day Out

Pack your hip flasks and join us for a day ‘fit for a king,’ out in the fields with Royal Salute.