Last month we had the pleasure of welcoming the Grey Fox, aka David Evans to our Ettinger Factory in Walsall. This is David's account on what he saw and learned from our skilled craftspeople. 

What makes an artisan? Skill and dedication. Nurtured through time and experience.

What makes a true master artisan? A disruptive will to create excellence!

It is only once a craft is pushed beyond its boundaries that it truly touches all the senses.

The Artisan|

Bremont: the British watchmaker

The Ettinger Journal talks to Bremont’s engineering-mad co-founder, Giles English, about bringing watch making back to Britain.

The Artisan|

Bridle Hide – 85 years of this unique collection

On its 85th birthday, we take a look at the historic saddlers and makers behind Ettinger’s signature Bridle Hide Collection.  

The Artisan|

Edward Green: Britain’s finest shoemaker?

The Journal finds out more about the shoe crafters of the moment, Edward Green.

The Artisan|

The Making of a Wallet

Discover the intricate details of how our skilled craftspeople make our iconic Bridle Hide Coat Wallet

The Artisan|

The Journal meets Stephen Einhorn

British jewellery designer, Stephen Einhorn, has created pieces for Hollywood films and stars such as Charlize Theron, Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett, but his heart will always be in London.  The Ettinger Journal talks to the designer-entrepreneur about reaching breaking point, his love for engineering, and his sadness at the decimation of manufacturing in the UK.

The Artisan|

Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay's interior designer spills the beans

Heston and Gordon’s interior designer of choice, Tom Strother, tells the Journal about his new Mayfair eatery, Bombay Bustle, and how the Fabled Studio team is redesigning London’s restaurants, from the front door in

The Artisan|

Putney - the home of 21st century British bronze sculpture

The Journal looks in on one of our neighbours, the Arch Bronze Foundry, an artistic hub and the birthplace of many a famous bronze sculpture

The Hero|

The woman (and dog) behind Ettinger’s quality pieces

The Journal heads to Ettinger's Walsall factory to meet the woman, and dog, managing the production of the company's perfect work

The Artisan|

Showcasing Craftsmanship

London Craft Week, which took place last month, has grown to become an important feature in the seasonal calendar of events that take place across the British capital every year. 

The Artisan|

Passing the Baton

As a child, Gary would often visit his mother where she worked at the the local leather goods factory. Nowadays he manages that same factory where his mother once worked.