On its 85th birthday, we take a look at the historic saddlers and makers behind Ettinger’s signature Bridle Hide Collection.  

Discover a world behind the Ettinger brand, from the people, the craft, the Ettinger leathers and more...

Behind the Brand|

In the Beginning

Welcome to this first edition of the Ettinger Journal, where it seems natural to take you back to the very beginnings of our story.

Behind the Brand|

A Priceless Heirloom

Of all the vintage leather goods that Robert Ettinger owns the Bridle Hide attaché case, which belonged to his father, is his absolute favourite. 

Behind the Brand|

Passing the Baton

As a child, Gary would often visit his mother where she worked at the the local leather goods factory. Nowadays he manages that same factory where his mother once worked. 

Behind the Brand|

A Stitch in Time

In the 1930s the meat trade in Smithfield market provided the basis for the thriving leather trade in the Clerkenwell area of London.

Behind the Brand|

Before Ettinger there was Gerry

The story of Gerry Ettinger in his younger years, before he founded his luxury leather goods company in 1934.