Ettinger now available in Gieves & Hawkes' London Flagship store on Savile Row, The Global Epicentre of fine tailoring

The Hero

There are some people who are exceptionally gifted and whom we particularly admire. They are our featured heroes.

The Retail

Good retail is hard to define, yet when all the elements click together this theatre of wonderment is an experience hard not to rejoice in.

The Stylist

A visual representation of a person's own style or a stylist's take on Ettinger's world.

The Artisan

Great craftsmanship transcends the medium and if there is one thing we can fully appreciate, it is the skill and dedication required to achieve excellence.

The Event

Events are sensory experiences with multiple outcomes, covering work and play. Here are a few we got involved with.

The Pursuit

From singular activities that catch our attention to regular passions that take us places.

The Object Of Desire

Celebrating exceptional pieces and items with personal meaning.

The Press

Press cuttings from around the world featuring Ettinger.