The story of Gerry Ettinger in his younger years, before he founded his luxury leather goods company in 1934.

Gerry Ettinger was an admirable man in many ways. Not only did he build his namesake business into the prestigious business it is today, but before he arrived in the UK he was a man that had already built several careers for himself. Upon leaving Germany, which wasn’t by choice, he found himself in Rome and in need of work.

Gerry Ettinger in his early 20's

 Never short of ideas, he set off around the best hotels in the city, introducing himself to the concierge in each and offering his services as a guide who could show their best guests and tourists around the historical sights of the famous Roman city. Little did he know at the time that this would lead to the next chapter in his career. He loved films and the cinema, and expressing his interest and his knowledge to a party of hotel guests he was escorting, who happened to be in the film business, he found himself being offered an entrance, a walk–on part behind the scenes into the movie business as a runner. With the first step on the ladder, it wasn’t long before Gerry Ettinger was stepping up and up until he was producing movies and becoming a great friend of some of the legendary stars of the silver screen.

Gerry Ettinger