Of all the vintage leather goods that Robert Ettinger owns the Bridle Hide attaché case, which belonged to his father, is his absolute favourite. 

One of the key pieces of our collection of leather goods for men is our St James Attaché Case, which is actually based on the original attaché case that was used by the founder of the company, Gerry Ettinger. The original leather case now belongs to his eldest son Robert, Chairman and CEO of the business, and is still in regular use.

Once owned by Gerry Ettinger, now a prized possession of his son Robert Ettinger

We still produce this traditional bridle hide attaché case in a design very faithful to Gerry’s original piece and it also forms the basis for the options offered within our bespoke service. In fact, Gerry Ettinger’s leather briefcase may actually be the definition of a classic.

We spoke to Robert about his earliest memory of his father’s case, the reasons for the design, its enduring quality and why it means so much to him.

“My Father used to set off on business trips to Japan with his attaché case. He always said it brought him luck. People would admire it and ask him about it, and even if they didn’t order that they would order other leather goods from him. He had it made for himself in the 1950’s as he wanted a leather attaché case that was lighter and slimmer. Most of the cases in those days were rather heavy. The current style in the range is still very faithful to the original design and as people again are looking for slimmer and lighter cases, it remains one of our bestsellers after nearly 70 years.”

St. James Attaché Case from the Heritage Collection