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The NEW Magic Wallet

Discover why this Magic Wallet has been granted its rather intriguing name...

Watch the film and see if you can work out the magic

In the 1970s this Magic Wallet was used by British milkmen to collect payments and old paperwork, and was nicknamed  'the milkman's wallet'. These wallets are perfect for someone always on the go - just slip your cards quickly in and out, and keep your folded notes in one place. The wallet is also fun to use - simply place some folded notes on one side within the wallet, close it and open the wallet again from the opposite side. The notes will now be secured by the elastic as if by magic....

Available from the Bridle Hide Collection in nine bold colours on the outside and Ettinger's signature London Tan on the inside. 

And available from the Sterling Collection in a classic black on the outside and four bold colours on the inside.