Four new travel accessories have been introduced to the ‘Age of Travel’-inspired CAPRA COLLECTION

Four new essential travel accessories have been added to the Capra Collection (launched September 2018) which pays tribute to the style of the 1930s. Known as ‘the Golden Age of Travel’, it seemed only fitting to include our most popular and essential travel pieces in this collection, along with some new accessories.

Complete your airport style with our classic Luggage Tag to ensure your bag always has a way of getting back to you and a brand new model for our Passport Case, which now has two card slots to guarantee that your essential cards and documents are securely organised.

We are also introducing a Mini Pouch and Travel Pouch, both are ideally sized to contain your travel essentials such as passport, phone and wallet, but modest enough to fit easily into your hand luggage.

Like the rest of the collection, these new accessories come in a combination of traditional and modern colours to suit every style; black and tan for a subtle and traditional look; white and marine blue for a more modern and colourful appearance, while still linking in with the 1930s’ style which inspired the collection.

As part of the Capra Collection, these new accessories are made with our finest goat leathers sourced from Mazamet in south-west France. Ettinger has had a long standing partnership with this factory since Ettinger’s founder, Gerry, bought his goat leathers there in the  1950s and 60s. The choice of this factory then and now is down to their unique techniques of producing the most exquisite leathers which Ettinger chooses to use.

Goat leather is renowned for its tight, grainy texture, lightness and durability, and its natural properties which make it water and scratch resistant, making it the ideal choice for these new travel accessories.