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NOOS, Shanghai

We talk to a Shanghai retailer, NOOS to find out more about their elegant menswear shop and their customers' favourite Ettinger items. 

NOOS store in Xuhui District in Shanghai

What year did you open?
NOOS opened in April 2015.
NOOS 创立于2015年4月。

What does NOOS stand for, and why did you choose this name?
NOOS literally signifies Never Out Of Style. Our mission is to help men achieve effortless elegance and keep them in style all the time.
NOOS 由 Never Our Of Style 首字母组成,意思是永不过时,我们搜罗全世界的精品,旨在为男士提供不同场合的着装解决方案。

Tell us about the store and the style of décor.
The store is located at former French concession in central Shanghai. The area is deemed as a representative of taste and art in this modern city. It contains many of the city’s most historical buildings, parks, fine restaurants, clubs and retail shops, NOOS can easily fit into the atmosphere and be surrounded by the sense of sophistication and decency. Since store environment is vital for an excellent shopping experience, the attention is drawn onto design and decoration. The sense of European elegance is the tone NOOS wants to communicate with clients. Wooden floor and wardrobe together with all of the furniture are carefully selected to match our products.
NOOS 精品店位于上海老法租界复兴中路上(复兴中路在1934年前名为 Route Lafayette),两侧法式梧桐林立,和周边的历史建筑、西餐厅、精品酒吧形成一道靓丽的风景线。NOOS店铺设计灵感来自欧洲百年老店,为了更好地和来自全球的绅士精品融合,店内的木地板、衣橱和家具都是经过精心设计挑选。

Why do your customers want to buy British luxury goods?
A big proportion of our customers is overseas returnees. They are easily to be engaged into the history behind British luxury brand and appreciate craftsmanship of the product.

What changes have you seen in Chinese men’s style over recent years?
Although classic menswear here is at its early stage comparing with Europe and Japan, people are learning and willing to be educated. This happens especially in young generation since they are gradually aware of the importance of dressing well.

The sense of European elegance is the tone NOOS wants to communicate with clients.


What do you think is the next big thing in men’s style and accessories?
It varies a lot in different countries and cultural background. Signet ring with initials may be the next thing in our market.

What stands out about the Ettinger collections?
Timeless design, classic colors, durability, craftsmanship, innovation, royal warrant and reputation.

What would you say is your customers favourite Ettinger item?
Their preference changes along with the time. It was wallets before, but slightly shifted to lifestyle products and tote bags.

What does an English Royal Warrant mean to your customers?
It means a proof of quality, authenticity of history and a connection with English Royal family.

Address: No. 1315-1 Fuxing Zhong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200031
Telephone: +86 21 5436 3599

Weibo: @NOOS
Instagram: @noos_shanghai

Store is opened from Monday to Sunday: 12:00-21:00