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Meet the Makers

An Ettinger Club Members' event look place on a very hot summer's evening at the Barnard & Westwood printing factory in London.

We were delighted to invite our Club Members to a special invitation-only event at The Barnard & Westwood printing factory in partnership with Rococo Chocolates, Sabel Saddlery and Gusbourne English wines.

At this exclusive event we offered our guests a chance to tour the Barnard & Westwood traditional printing factory, followed by wine tasting with Gusbourne English wines and Rococo Chocolate offered sweet tasters while demonstrating the process of making chocolate. 

Guests could watch traditional English craftsmanship in action and chat to the artisans from Sabel Saddlery, who demonstrated their magnificent art of watch strap making.  An Ettinger craftsperson was also demonstrating how we make our wallets, while another initialled beautiful Ettinger bookmarks. Robert Ettinger, CEO of Ettinger attended and shared his vision of the world of luxury leather goods; discussing Ettinger's history, manufacturing and the importance of our Royal Warrant.

  The Barnard & Westwood factory located near Kings Cross, London

The Barnard & Westwood factory

The Barnard & Westwood factory - A traditional printing machine

The Barnard & Westwood factory - The Tour

The Barnard & Westwood factory - Tricks of the trade

The Barnard & Westwood factory - Carefully checking the machines

The Barnard & Westwood factory - A guilding machine with liquid gold

The Barnard & Westwood factory - A family affair

The Barnard & Westwood factory - Guests are shown the blocking plates

The Barnard & Westwood factory - Watching the machines at work

The Barnard & Westwood factory - A view of one of the factory rooms

The Barnard & Westwood factory - Demonstrating the art of printing

The Barnard & Westwood factory - Traditional book binding

Gusbourne wines & Rococo Chocolates - The raw cocoa pods

Rococo Chocolates - Tasting the sweet cocoa pods

Chantal Coady OBE, Founder of Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates - 100% Cocoa Powder

Rococo Chocolates - A mini chocolate machine

Hannah Roe from Ettinger

Robert Ettinger (left) talking to Jerome Mackay and guest

Mia Sabel from Sabel Saddlery - Polishing leather

Sabel Saddlery - The watch straps

Sabel Saddlery - The watch strap threads

Sabel Saddlery - Tools of the trade

Michelle Peach - Ettinger's top craftsperson demonstrating the art of wallet making

Michelle Peach - Ettinger's top craftsperson demonstrating the art of wallet making

Ettinger - Embossing initials onto bookmarks

A new proud owner of an Ettinger bookmark

To those that attended - Thank you!

A special thank you to our Club Member, Roger Kelly, for sending us this wonderful photograph taken during the event.