Europeans play it safe; Australians choose earthy tones; and the Americans favour a bold colour – we take a look at who likes what.

A person’s choice of wallet depends on two things: currency and character. At Ettinger, we have been selling wallets around the globe since the 1930s, and keeping a careful note of who buys what, and it seems that some nations make rather interesting style choices.

 The European conservatives

Since the 1930s, the Englishman’s favourite has been (and looks to continue being) our characterful Bridle Hide billfold wallet, with its smooth black exterior and striking yellow interior –­ a classic choice. And the English gent also favours leather goods with space for bank notes and cards, but cares less for coin purses – with coins often collected in the pockets of suits, the bottom of bags and a pot on the mantel at home. 

Now the Germans have equally traditional tastes, often preferring a billfold wallet in black or nut WITH a coin purse – a very sensible choice for holding on to those valuable Euros.

And to Sweden: the land of Ikea and minimalist design. Rather perfectly, the Swedes go for streamlined flat card-cases or small cardholders – how fantastically functional.


The patriots

Ah, America – a colourful nation of fifty states, each with its own nuanced characteristics. But this widespread population does have a few things in common, other than their star spangled banner. Confident Americans love a bold red coloured wallet, and choose items with space for cash. They are also one of the biggest buyers of the good old-fashioned money clip - unsurprising, given the global importance of the Dollar. 


Earthy Aussies

Our brothers from Down Under are rather down to earth, in wallet terms, which is perhaps because their lively bank notes provide quite enough colour already. The majority of our Australian clients favour an Outback-appropriate tan-toned (often miniature) wallet, and, much like the Englishman, coin purses are rarely purchased.


The Peacocks

A few years ago, our friends from Singapore preferred more traditional colours, with safe black and brown tones being favourites. However, more recently, these gentlemen have broadened their horizons and there has been an increase in purchases from our bright Sterling range. Blues, reds, oranges and turquoise have all become popular choices; all of which will offset the country’s colourful currency superbly.

And the Chinese also love colour, but there is also penchant for traditional styles, but with a twist. Old-fashioned coat-wallets, matching sets and monogrammed goods are all popular choices, but so are blue, purple and turquoise leathers.

There’s no accounting for taste! Other than in the Ettinger records, it seems. At least our customers have a few things in common – a love of quality and craftsmanship, and, of course, impeccable taste.