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The Capra collection is inspired by the 1930s – the Golden Age of Travel – when Ettinger crafted many travel accessories from the refined goat leather popular at the time.

The new collection combines the best of Ettinger’s heritage and tradition with modern design and colour, creating a harmony of old and new. Originally, goat leather was dyed black and brown, but colour choices are now less constrained and our latest range is presented in a cool palette including pure White and Marine Blue. These bright hues bring a new dimension, refreshing this classic leather for the modern age.

Traditionally, the finest goat leathers were sourced from the arid North African landscapes of Morocco, before being imported into Europe. (We pay homage to the beginnings of the finest goat leather in our latest advertising campaign)

Since the turn of the century, French tanneries have been considered to produce the most exquisite leathers. For the Capra collection, Ettinger has used the same tannery, located in the small French town of Mazamet, that founder Gerry Ettinger used to refine his goat leather as early as the 1930s.

Having been refined, the supple and extremely durable goat leather is carefully crafted into Ettinger’s exquisite new accessories range at our English factory in Walsall, near Birmingham – home of British small leather goods manufacturing. This journey lends the modern Capra collection a truly historic story, and gives these elegant creations a real mark of distinction.