You wouldn’t wear the same outfit to every event, so why carry the same wallet? Take your style to the next level with our accessories guide for every occasion.

Prior to an important social occasion, or even just a day in the office, it pays to plan your look. You carefully pick out your jacket, shirt, cufflinks and bag or briefcase depending on the day (or evening) ahead. So, in this stylish spirit, we suggest you apply the same care and attention to your choice of wallet. Subtly changing up your accessories can have a huge impact on your look. So, if you’re heading to a meeting, going out for a smart dinner, or even packing for a weekend away in the country, there’s an Ettinger wallet for every moment.

Elevated Everyday
Add something extra to your office look with our Capra Billfold

But why goat leather? You might well ask… Well, this pebble-textured and richly pigmented material is incredibly durable (making it perfect for everyday use). The skin of the humble goat also has surprisingly glamourous connotations, having been widely used to craft accessories during the 1930s – The Golden Age of Travel. Let Capra take your workwear to the next level with our Capra Billfold Wallet with 6 C/C. Also, look out for next week, when we will be adding an exciting new piece to our much sought after Capra goat leather collection!

Change Up
Keep your small change tidy with our neat and retro tray purses.

You might well be a gentleman that prefers a slimline coat or billfold wallet for everyday use (very sensible), but what to do with all the loose change that collects around the place and jangles around in your pockets? Well here’s a novel solution – why not keep one of our Bridle Hide Tray Purses on your desk or in your car to keep things nice and tidy? You never know when that pound coin might come in handy…

Make an Impact
Get in to party mode with a glossy Croco Billfold Wallet.

Some soirees call for a bit of decadence and polish. Whether it’s evening drinks, a glamourous launch party, or a special dinner in town with friends, our Croco Billfold Wallet with 6 C/C will elevate your outfit and will make you stand out. This high shine, textured classic, is sure to up the style stakes with its opulent old school vibe.

Be Memorable
Raise your networking game with one of our signature Visiting Card Cases. 

Nothing forges strong and solid connections like a thick, embossed business card passed to you by hand. Keep your calling cards safe and shareable in one of our Bridle Hide Visiting Card Cases. Any of the sharp, statement colour combinations will take you from breakfast to working lunch, and then on to the evening drinks event with style and confidence (just remember to pace yourself).

Playful Party Style
Get people talking with our eye-catching and entertaining Magic Wallet.

When you want to let your hair down (perhaps at your favourite summer sporting event or festival), why not take one of our unique and colourful Magic Wallets along for the ride? This bright and engaging piece is bound to be a talking point, and it’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship to boot. What’s not to love.

Layer Up (but stay sharp)
Whether you are sporting a cosy overcoat or a Savile Row suit, be sure to keep your lines clean with one of our sleek coat wallets.

Only a fool would ruin the line of his tailored suit jacket, trousers or overcoat with a bulky, inappropriate wallet choice. Show your sartorial savvy with one of our elegant, yet old school, longline coat wallets. Both our St Crispin Coat Wallet with 8 C/C and our Bridle Coat Wallet with 20 C/C will keep your cash and cards safe, and your look smooth and undisturbed.

Hitting the Open Road?
Compliment your sophisticated weekend of motoring with one of our classic billfolds.

The roof is down, the sun is shining and you’re away – speeding out of town towards your weekend destination. Bliss. Just make sure you remember to pack our classic Bridle Hide Billfold Wallet with 6 C/C in the motorist’s favourite – racing green. Not only does it match your paint job, but it will also come in terribly handy when paying for Sunday lunch at the pub. 

So, whatever you’re up to and whatever you’re wearing, don’t forget to change up your wallet for the best impression.