The largest global colour study ever conducted, commissioned by luxury paper house, G. F. Smith, was presented at Browns Hotel, Mayfair, in conjunction with Walpole. It seems that the 2010s have very much been given the green light…

The 60s was the era of Pop-Art-inspired bright and psychedelic tones; 

('Pop' colours - as seen in the Ettinger Sterling Collection)

the 70s a time for natural hues, and the 90s was all about cool blue, explained joint Managing Director of G.F. Smith, John Haslam.

('Natural hues' - as seen in the Ettinger Saint Crispin Collection)

So, what is the world’s favourite colour in 2019?

Well, according to G.F. Smith’s colour preference study, carried out in conjunction with the University of Sussex, it’s a deep green/blue shade dubbed Marrs Green.  As part of the hunt for the newest addition to their legendary Colorplan paper collection, the Smith team asked 26,596 people from over 1000 countries a question that most of us have barely thought about since childhood – what is your favourite colour?

Respondents, including famous design figures, such as Artist Richard Woods, and Experience Designers Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, picked their favourite shade, and gave their location, names and a short narrative explaining their colour choices at

The research team, led by Anna Franklin, Professor of Psychology at the University of Sussex, then analysed the results to reveal the most popular colour, using an algorithm.

Annie Marrs, from Dundee, Scotland, explained that her choice, the winning shade of teal, was inspired by the River Tay.

A huge 48% of those surveyed chose green or blue as their favourite colour, with Professor Franklin, suggesting that this could be due to the positive associations of the sea, sky and nature. The words most frequently used by voters when describing their colour choices were, in order: ‘happy’, ‘calm’, ‘bright’, ‘warm’, ‘sky’ and ‘sea’. So, this seems to make sense.

It seems that calm marine shades are 2019’s naturally inspired favourite. Marrs Green has now been added as a permanent shade in G. F. Smith’s legendary Colorplan, and is now one of the most popular colours in the collection. Bring on the green machine!