Ben Phillips, the charming Manager of Drake's at No. 9 Savile Row shares his tips for New Year’s party styling.

Whether you’re at a Black Tie event, a smart casual shindig, or on a weekend away with family in the country, we’ve got the ultimate styling tips from Drake's expert dresser – a man quite used to kitting out the gentlemen of St James’ for a variety of celebratory events.

Who are your style influences?
I have drawn inspiration from gangster films, such as Goodfellas, Casino and also from characters like the Kray Twins. But, it was Nick Cave who really led me to my signature style – he made me believe I could wear a suit everyday.

What’s your favourite Drake's suit?
I am hardly ever out of a suit! I wear my chalk stripe grey flannel Drake's suit quite often, but my favourite has to be my red cord suit. I really like to wear it with a long point collar shirt in white with a green stripe and Ancient Madder silk ties.

What are you doing for NYE?
I’ll be at a dinner party with my wife and friends – just a small get together. I will, of course, be wearing my red cord suit – the best New Year’s Eve number of all time.

How can you take your NYE drinks or dinner party outfit up a notch?
Beautifully made shirting is a great place to start and it can always be dressed up or down. Our ties range from the simple to the extravagant – choose an amazing silk tie to make your outfit really pop. Another great accessory is the pocket square. One of my favourite quotes (from Guy Ritchie on the Joe Rogan Podcast, and sadly not my own): “Our generation had the suit stolen from us, but the moment you add a pocket square you wear the suit – it doesn’t wear you.”

What’s new at Drake's for this NYE?
There is always fantastic tailoring in store – the Games Blazer would be one of my picks – it’s casual but utilitarian and great matched with a one pleat chino. Dress it up with a pocket shirt and tie, or down with a button down oxford shirt or a lambswool polo. I would try it with a striped knitted tie to add a bit of contrast.

...choose an amazing silk tie to make your outfit really pop...

Ben Phillips' tip for NYE

What would you suggest to add a twist to a Black Tie party outfit?
Black Tie for me isn’t about standing out – it’s about looking great and smart and not flamboyant. Excellent cut is, of course, essential.

Weekend away?
For a weekend away in the country, I’d pack my Ettinger Pursuits Cotswold Weekend Bag in Ivory and Havana with some of Drake's great suede footwear - perfect for smart casual or smart, and very comfortable. I’d also be sure to pack a Games Blazer, but also one of our jersey cloth blazers – it has a bit of stretch in it which makes it great for travelling.

Are you an Ettinger man?
Yes! After my first (and much-loved) Ettinger wallet was very sadly stolen from me, I now have a wonderful new longline Coat Wallet. I am also a huge fan of the new Heritage St James Attaché Case and the anything from the Capra Collection, especially the Large Zip Portfolio in Black – so useful!

With those tips in mind, you’re sure to stand out from the sartorial crowd this New Year’s Eve (and make sure to watch out for invitations to our next Ettinger and Drake's sample sale in 2020).