Celebrate our 85th anniversary with a limited-edition notebook

A limited run of 85 notebooks has been created by Ettinger, of-the-moment British illustrator, Rory Dobner, and heritage printers and Royal Warrant holders Barnard & Westwood with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST).

Watch the film to see Nigel the Owl coming to life

Each notebook features Rory Dobner’s quirky character Nigel the Owl on the cover, with illustrated pocket watches (set at 8 o’clock and 5 o’clock to mark this special 85th anniversary) decorating the inside cover page.  Each notebook is marked with its unique number on the inside back leather cover, making every notebook completely individual.

View the Ettinger X Rory Dobner Notebook online today

“He has an umbrella tucked under his wing,” explains Dobner of his creation, Nigel the Owl, based on the Little Owl species. “Nigel is wearing brogues and has his stripey socks pulled up; he is also sporting a bowler hat like he’s setting off for another day’s work in the City,” he adds.

Dobner’s character shares many sartorial similarities with Ettinger founder (and father of Robert Ettinger, the company’s current CEO) Gerry Ettinger, who was never without his handmade umbrella and bowler hat.

Gerry Ettinger with his wife Elizabeth Ettinger in the 1950s

 “In this very special anniversary year, it is wonderful to be able to launch a really beautiful and highly creative, limited-edition piece which I hope will be treasured for years to come by those lucky enough to purchase one, I think my father would have been delighted with both and particularly amused by Nigel striding forth!” says CEO, Robert Ettinger.

Robert Ettinger (left) with Rory Dobner (right)

I think my father would have been delighted with this project, particularly amused by Nigel striding forth

Robert Ettinger

15% of the proceeds will go to QEST. QEST was established to help support craftspeople of all ages and backgrounds, helping to sustain Britain’s cultural heritage.

Ettinger passionately believes in supporting British craft.  The heart of Ettinger is our craftspeople, without them the brand would not exist. QEST helps British craftspeople improve and further their skills and careers to ensure that their expertise is never lost and importantly allows them to pass on their knowledge to future generations.

Robert Ettinger