The Ettinger


Each Ettinger collection is unique, made using carefully picked leathers and colours that give these items a story of their own. From our iconic Bridle Hide Collection with the bright London Tan within to the head-turning Heritage Collection boasting handcrafted attaché cases, there is something for every need and taste.

Bridle Hide Collection

Bridle Hide Collection is our iconic and longest running collection, heralding back to the 1930s. Year after year it continues to be our best-selling range around the world, representing the definitive qualities of English style and craftsmanship. The lustrous sheen of the external bridle leather will acquire a unique patina over time and within you will find our iconic vegetable-tanned London Tan panel hide.

Sterling Collection

Smooth black calf leather enrobes every item in the Sterling Collection. Within, extravagant colours of turquoise, orange, red and purple burst from soft calf leather. The collection is inspired by a British gentleman's suit, sartorial and classic on the outside, but bright and extravagant on the inside.

Capra Collection

The Capra Collection is inspired by the 1930s Golden Age of Travel, when Gerry Ettinger would craft many travel accessories from refined goat leather, popular at the time for its durability and unique properties. The soft goat leather collection combines the best of Ettinger's heritage and tradition with modern designs.

Croco Collection

The rich lustre of smooth calf beneath the deeply embossed crocodile print makes each Croco Collection accessory timeless and elegant. As no two panels cut can ever be alike, sameness is rendered an impossibility, offering you something truly unique.

Saint Crispin Collection

Immerse yourself in our dream like hues of Deep Sea & Dry Stone and Bracken & Eggshell. Our highly distinctive Saint Crispin Collection demonstrates perfectly how emotions can be conveyed through the finest leather, carefully tanned to preserve the natural beauty and character of the leather. Watch how this leather changes over time, acquiring a beautiful deep and sumptuous patina.

Spectrum Collection

The collection with an added splash of colour, created to invoke joy and add an extra spark of brightness to your day. Our Spectrum Collection helps you to store, protect and organise your most precious everyday necessities from glasses and earpods to vitamins and medication.

Lifestyle Collection

Once perfected, never changed, each piece is the epitome of unswerving craftsmanship and over eighty years of experience. The Lifestyle Collection is made using fine cowhide and soft suede, brining timeless elegance to those who wish for the exceptional.

Heritage Collection

The ultimate expression of timeless British craftsmanship, these pieces are meant to become heirlooms to be passed down to the next generation. The unsurpassable quality of craftsmanship, precision of the handstitched handles, the elegance of smooth waxy leather and English-made brass fittings make each piece in the Heritage Collection a classic.

Metropolitan Collection

Our Metropolitan line offers timeless and elegant business bags for the modern needs. Uncompromising experience guides the construction of every hand-turned edge and uncut corner. Fine grain cowhide with vibrant London Tan calf leather within conspire to blend understated luxury with elegant necessity.

Pursuits Collection

Our Pursuits Collection is crafted for the demand of country sporting life, yet a perfect match for any luxury excursion. Attention to detail can be found in the impeccable hand-stitching, the waxy hide trims, accompanied by the best weather-proofed cotton drill.

Belts Collection

A classic and timeless accessory for every man's wardrobe. Made by the finest craftspeople, these belts are a staple that add that final touch to any outfit. Whether it be a suit for a working day, or smartening your jeans for the weekend. Our leather belts come in two styles and in four different colours, offering you the perfect belt for any occasion.

TT Collection

Bold simplicity of line and refinement of detail belies the complexity of construction. Understated elegance permeates the turn-over edges, meticulously edge-stained cut-out pockets and soft, fine calf leather. The culmination of a tireless pursuit of handcrafted perfection and singular design to suit the more individual.

Saira Hunjan Collection

Renowned tattoo artist Saira Hunjan, aka The Girl With the Golden Needle, created two exclusive designs for Ettinger, based on two of the British countryside's most ubiquitous animals: the splendid pheasant and the dashing fox. Saira's intricate designs combine her Oriental sensibility with a traditional British theme to create a fantastical bestiary reminiscent of heraldic helms and illuminations.

Leather Care Collection

Proper care enables greater longevity for your accessories to ensure they last for as long as possible. Our naturally-made leather care products help you clean and nourish your accessories, rejuvenating and protecting them.