Commissioning an attaché case or creating your own wallet, completely suited to your style and liking, is one of life's true luxuries. 

Attaché Cases

At Ettinger, we offer four types of attaché cases: St James Lid-Over with an option for an iPad Pocket or a Multi-Pocket, and the traditional Bank Lid-Over with Multi-Pocket

St James Lid-Over Attaché Case (41cm X 9cm X 28.5cm)
This attaché case comes with a choice of no pockets, one pockets or a multi pocket.
Choose between four external bridle hide colour options (black, nut, hazelnut and london tan) and four internal colour options (red skiver, green skiver, blue skiver and natural pig suede).
There is also an option to add brass "feet" or keep it light without. 
You can make it truly your own by adding your initials in gold foil or blind embossed. Please see image below for all options described. 

Bank Lid-Over Attaché Case with Multi-Pocket (46cm X 11cm X 33cm)
This case comes in four external  (black, nut, hazelnut and london tan) and internal colour options (red skiver, green skiver, blue skiver and natural pig suede).
Add initials in a gold foil or blind embossed.
Brass feet come as standard on this model. 

Orders can be placed on our website and at our London Showroom (where samples of the attaché cases are available). All attaché cases are made to order and take up to 12 weeks for delivery. 

Ettinger Bespoke

For the first time in its 85-year history, customers can now create their very own bespoke Ettinger accessories from a wide selection of options. Starting with the product choice - including wallets, card cases and keyrings (a total of 8 models to choose from). You can then make a wallet/card case/keyring completely unique by choosing between:
34 leathers, 20 threads, 2 linings
where applicable hardware (gold or silver)
Ettinger logo: blind, silver, gold,
Initials: up to 5 letters in blind, silver or gold

The finished product is then delivered from the Ettinger factory in Walsall to the customer within six to eight weeks. 

This new service is available in the Ettinger Showroom in London and at Ettinger Trunk Shows held in-store at Ettinger's international stockists. To find out when these trunk shows are taking place please see our upcoming Events

To make an appointment in our London Showroom, please call 020 8877 1616 or email us.
To find out about upcoming international Bespoke Trunk Shows, please email us or please see our upcoming Events