Starting in 1934, Ettinger's story evokes the golden age of British sartorial elegance, the early glamour of international business travel and the rise and prominence of this entrepreneurial family in the British luxury leather goods industry.

1930s - 1940s - 1950s - 1960s - 1970s - 1980s - 1990s - 2000s - 2010s - 2020s

Men's leather wallets as shown in a 1930s Asprey catalogue

1930s The Foundation Years

Gerry Ettinger founded Ettinger in 1934. Having worked as a film producer in Italy and Germany (where he worked with Marlene Dietrich), he used his extensive contacts in continental Europe and England to create a range of luxury gifts, which became renowned throughout the UK for quality and innovation.

Finest leather wallets in 1949

1940s Recovering from the war

After a pause in the 1940s during the war, Gerry returned to London to reinvigorate his business and with the growth in international trade, the business became very successful

Gerry Ettinger buys London leather factory

1950s & 60s Business Growth

As the master of five languages Gerry Ettinger was known for his international outlook and ability to do cross border deals at a time when international travel was still considered exotic. In the 1950s he acquired a small leather goods manufacturing business, which had been making leather goods in London since the 19th century, and he used this foundation of craftsmanship and design to build the business which is Ettinger today.

Leather bins, boxes & umbrella stands

1970s & 80s The Consolidation Years

Gerry Ettinger continued to work in the business until well into his 80s and saw the transformation of the company into one of the most respected leathergoods designers and manufacturers in the UK. In 1975 the Saddle Hide Collection was launched.

Robert Ettinger takes over as MD of his family leathergoods business

1990s The Recognition Years

In 1990, Robert, his elder son took over the reins and continued the tradition of craftsmanship and quality as well as bringing in some more contemporary designs. He has since further 'internationalised' and developed the business in Asia, South Africa, Australia, and the US. All these regions have become very important to the Ettinger brand.

Ettinger is granted a product licence for leather goods and souvenirs at Wimbledon Tennis Championships

1992 Wimbledon Licence

In 1992 Ettinger was privileged to obtain the prestigious Wimbledon Licence for various accessories, which started years of collaboration between Ettinger and the world-renowned Wimbledon Championships.

HRH The Prince of Wales

1996 The Royal Warrant

In 1996 Ettinger was honoured to be granted the Royal Warrant to The Prince of Wales: "By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales, Manufacturers of Leather Goods, G Ettinger Ltd London".

Vintage leather manufacturer catalogue

1999 James Homer Ltd.

In July 1999, Ettinger acquired one of Walsall's oldest leather goods manufacturing companies, James Homer Ltd (established in 1890). This acquisition breathed new life into one of the oldest and last surviving English leather goods manufacturers in Walsall. Homer is now at the heart of Ettinger's handmade manufacturing process and is home to some of the most skilled leather craftspeople in the UK.

Robert Ettinger gets creative

2000s Looking Ahead and Brand Development

At the turn of the century, Ettinger showed its vision of the future and designed outstanding new collections. The brand gained considerable awareness, without compromising on the family spirit and the quality of the craftsmanship.

technical design drawings for TT leather purse by Pearson-Lloyd

2000 The Launch of the TT Collection

Ettinger celebrated the Millennium in its own way, by launching the award-winning TT Collection , in collaboration with the famous PearsonLloyd Design Studio. This collection showed Ettinger's ability to innovate with its traditional heritage.

Walpole British Luxury

2001 Walpole Membership

Further brand recognition was achieved when Ettinger was admitted by its peers into Walpole British Luxury, the British luxury brands organisation.

Lifestyle leather goods collection

2005 The Lifestyle Collection

In 2005 the Lifestyle Collection was launched, encompassing a vast array of elegant and practical items with clean, simple lines, ideal as gifts or for personal use. The outstanding craftsmanship and timeless beauty have made this collection popular throughout the years.

Ettinger bespoke leather goods for Bentley

2005 The Bentley Collection

A fantastic collaboration with Bentley Motors put a whole new collection on the road in 2005.

Luxury leather showroom in Putney

2007 Showroom Makeover

In 2007 Ettinger's London Showroom, based in Ettinger's Putney Head Office, set a new standard for the brand. Customers and guests are welcome to the showroom to see all Ettinger collections as well as some of our most celebrated archive items.

Antique polished leather coat wallets

2007 The Antique Collection

In 2007 Ettinger launched a highly elegant collection, using the finest hand-polished leather available.

Purple leather wallets and purses

2008 The Purple Collection

In 2008 Ettinger launched the striking Purple Collection, which quickly grew by another three colours creating our second most popular collection - the Sterling Collection.

The dawn of a new era for luxury leather brand Ettinger

2008 First web shop launched

In October 2008 Ettinger launched its first ecommerce website. For the first time our unique luxury leather goods were made available to customers all over the world, to great acclaim.

Laser cut brogue pattern on bridle leather

2009 The Brogue Collection

Ettinger launched a line of wallets, inspired by classic men's shoes, with a brogue design laser-cut into the leather.

Classic pinstripes silk-screened onto fine bridle leather

2009 The Pinstripe Collection

Taking further inspiration from the male wardrobe, the Pinstripe Collection looked at how a man puts some personality into his formal business suit... by choosing a dashing lining.

The moody effect of croc print leather

2010 The Croco Collection

It isn't easy to find very good crocodile-print leather, so when we found this beautifully embossed leather, we immediately launched a collection. It is so close to real crocodile skin that you are bound to get impressed looks.

Ettinger's luxury shop in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

2010 Ettinger Opens First Shop

With our Japanese partner we opened our first and only shop in October 2010. The shop is located in the famous Ginza district of Tokyo and holds some of our most exclusive lines.

Detail of a hand-riveted 14ct rolled gold corner on a leather wallet

2011 Bullion Collection

In times of crisis, gold bullion always seems to convey a reassuring sense of durability. It was in this context that Ettinger revived the traditional technique of hand-riveting gold and silver corners onto fine black calf wallets: the Bullion Collection was born.

The very fine detail of the reviewed brogue pattern, laser-cut into fine bridle leather

2012 Brogue Update

Ettinger's Brogue Collection was re-designed with a fuller, more intricate brogue pattern. The pattern was laser-cut into the top leather to reveal the bright yellow lining of the wallet.

A snapshot of Ettinger's new website in 2012

2012 Website upgrade

Following the success of the first e-commerce website, Ettinger took its web experience to a completely new level by incorporating a more flexible content structure and offering even more purchasing options, including personalisation and multiple currencies. The customer experience was also enhanced through the better use of technology, like parcel tracking and tablet-friendly browsing.

2013 The Metropolitan Collection

To commemorate 150 years since the opening of the London Underground, Ettinger created The Metropolitan Collection of bags to reflect the contemporary tastes of the modern city traveller.

2013 The Coronation Festival

In July 2013, Ettinger celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation by joining over 200 Royal Warrant Holders brought together by the Royal Warrant Holders Association to exhibit in Buckingham Palace Gardens. To coincide with the celebrations, Ettinger launched the limited edition Coronation Festival Capsule Collection, comprising four classic commemorative products, each carefully selected to demonstrate the wide ranging skills of the Ettinger craftspeople.

A stylised Royal Guardsman used a historic Ettinger logo

2014 80th Anniversary

Ettinger celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014 with major commemorations in Japan by launching some limited edition products. Maintaining the same level of craftsmanship and ensuring continuity in style, with ever the eye for detail and distinctive personality, Ettinger has established its reputation over the years as one of the best British leather goods manufacturers, of which very few are left.

Buttery soft veg-tanned calf wallet

2014 Saint Crispin Collection Launch

Dreamlike and highly distinctive, the Saint Crispin collection demonstrates perfectly how emotions can be conveyed through the finest leather, carefully tanned in such a way as to preserve the natural beauty and character of the leather and expertly crafted into objects of refined elegance. The patron saint of leather workers and cobblers deserves no less and this collection is our way to celebrate the absolute finest leather craftsmanship.

Ettinger's London Tan logo and art deco monogram

2015 London Tan Logo Launch

A new logo and the first Ettinger monogram were launched to reflect the brand’s heritage and give it a stronger identity and personality with the distinctive London Tan colour now taking centre-stage. Soft launched at the end of 2014, the new logo and monogram were rolled out in 2015 across all its products, packaging, stationery and communications.

Ettinger x Gaziano & Girling GREAT Creation

2016 GREAT Masterpiece

In 2016 the British Government's GREAT Britain campaign asked Ettinger to make a unique leather masterpiece to showcase the excellence in British leather craftsmanship. We chose to collaborate with bespoke shoemakers Gaziano & Girling, with whom we made a one-of-a-kind portfolio featuring elements specific to their shoemaking and our small leather goods making traditions.

Ettinger new website 2017

2016 Website Upgrade

Ettinger launched it's third ecommerce website. Creating a design forward, mobile first approach has been paramount to the build of this new site and to making our customers' journeys faster.


In 2017 we celebrated 20 years of holding a Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales.

2017 Ettinger's first global brand ambassador

In Spring 2017 we had the pleasure of announcing our first global brand ambassador - Jessica Mendoza, the leading British show jumper. Jessica is one of the youngest riders ever to represent Great Britain at senior international level. She attended the Rio Olympics as the travelling rserve and now has her sights firmly set on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

2017 Launch of the Ettinger Grey

In autumn 2017 we launched the newest and ninth colour of our Bridle Hide Collection - the Ettinger Grey. The new grey is contemporary, yet classic, complementing the signature London Tan interior.

2018 Launch of Spectrum

In spring 2018 we launched our most practical and colourful collection - Spectrum. This collection includes travel boxes, glasses cases and pill boxes in bright and bold coloured calf and suede leathers.

2018 Launch of Capra

In autumn 2018 we launched our heritage inspired Capra Collection. "I visited the same tannery in France where my father, Gerry, sourced this luxurious goat leather. The Capra Collection combines the best of Ettinger's heritage and tradition with a modern design and colour, thus creating a harmony between the old and new." - Robert Ettinger

2018 The Ettinger Retail Cabinet

2018 saw the first Ettinger retail cabinets pop up in leading retail stores in the UK, USA and Germany. 2018 saw a great expansion in retail with more stores than ever stocking Ettinger. You can now find us in many of the most regarded stores around the world.

2019 Robert Ettinger named 'Legend' in the Walpole Power List

The inaugural Walpole Power List 2019 highlighted the 50 most influential people in British luxury and we were delighted the CEO of Ettinger was named one of the Legends, to be described as 'high-profile figures with a significant role in shaping the culture and legacy of British luxury today'.

2019 Ettinger Celebrates 85th Anniversary with a Collaboration

To celebrate Ettinger's 85th anniversary we created a 85 pieces only limited edition notebooks in collaboration with a British artist Rory Dobner and heritage printers and Royal Warrant holders Barnard & Westwood, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST).

2019 Ettinger Organises First British Men's Style Multi-Brand Press Day

In July 2019 Ettinger was delighted to spearhead the first ever British Men's Style Multi-Brand Press Day at the wonderful Spencer House in London. The House was filled with 13 British brands and a well-over 100 journalists.

2019 Ettinger Bespoke

From 2019 Ettinger offers their customers an opportunity to create their very own bespoke Ettinger accessories from a wide selection of options. Starting with the product choice to the colour of the thread, customers can choose between eight models, 34 leathers, 20 threads and two linings.

2019 Ettinger Opens USA ‘Flagship Residency’

In 2019 Ettinger expanded further into the United States of America and opened its first 'Flagship Residency' in Turnbull & Asser's New York Townhouse in Manhattan.

2019 Ettinger Opens 'Accessory Room'

In 2019 Ettinger announced a major partnership with the renowned Gieves & Hawkes on No. 1 Savile Row with the opening of the 'Ettinger Accessories Room'. The Room offers the most expensive choice of Ettinger accessories and bags in a London retail space.