Watch these films and interviews to see how we have grown over the years. By delving into the history of our leather goods company and exploring the intricacies of our leather manufacturing processes, you can get a good understanding about the beauty of our craft and how passionate we are about it.


Celebrating Ettinger Leather Flasks

Celebrating Ettinger leather Flasks, a British accessory that becomes a true celebration of the senses. Featuring a bottle of whisky from the Chivas Regal Royal Salute.

Ettinger X The Rake 10th Anniversary
To celebrate 10 years of The Rake this film has been created to celebrate the relationship Ettinger & The Rake has formed over the past decade.

Ettinger presented by Guerre
In 2018 we started working with Guerre or Guerreisms, the King of Street Style from New York. Read more about Guerre here

Spectrum Collection
The Spectrum Collection was created for the needs of discerning travellers and today's busy lifestyles. Including practical and stylish essentials for everyday use, the collection comes in five bold and beautiful colours of red, blue, yellow, green and black. Each item is decorated with a golden Ettinger logo. Read more about the Spectrum Collection here and see the collection here

Ettinger - A Family Affair
Born in Prussia, Gerry Ettinger founded the family firm in London in 1934, having previously built an extensive list of contacts throughout Europe. A tireless worker and great enthusiast, he worked late into his 90s and passed over the reins of the company to his eldest son, Robert, in 1995.

Brushing Bridle Leather
Bridle leather is created in a labour intensive process, making it expensive, but entirely worth it. It is expected to look good, feel smooth and stay durable. Yet, it will change over time and age beautifully. We have been using bridle leather since 1930s and it truly is our favourite. 

A Celebration of Craft
Discover the skills needed to make Ettinger's leather goods. Filmed at Ettinger's factory in Walsall (West Midlands, England), this video celebrates the very best leather goods craftsmanship, from selecting the skins, to cutting, to assembling, then finishing and packing. It takes time and infinite patience to achieve the best.

 The Foundation Years 1934-1950's
Robert Ettinger, owner and Chairman of Ettinger, talks about the luxury leather good company's foundation years, from 1934 to the 1950s. This is when Gerry Ettinger founded the company in London with the help of his father and established the company's reputation for quality and innovation.

Royal Warrant, Craftsmanship & Brand Building
In this instalment of the interview, Robert Ettinger explains how we obtained the Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales and how this has allowed Ettinger to build a strong following around the world while still remaining true to its values. Building the Ettinger brand to what it is today has enabled the company to sustain the excellence of British leather goods craftsmanship.

"The GREAT Masterpiece" with Gaziano & Girling
This unique leather masterpiece was created for the GREAT Britain campaign as a demonstration of the finest British leather creativity and craftsmanship. By bringing together two of the most talented British leather manufacturers from two very different parts of the industry, Gaziano & Girling (shoemaking) and Ettinger (small leather goods making), this GREAT Creation shows how they demultiplied their creative talents by working together to overcome technical challenges. Craftsmanship excellence is acquired when traditional boundaries are pushed through with visionary will. The GREAT Creations initiative was conceived to bring together some of the UK’s most exciting and creative talent to create one-off pieces which tour the world to tell stories of British creativity and craftsmanship.

Saira Hunjan Collaboration
World famous tattoo artist, Saira Hunjan, also known as "The Girl with the Golden Needle" collaborated with Ettinger to create an exclusive capsule collection of fine leather goods. Based on two ubiquitous British countryside animals, the pheasant and the fox, Saira's intricate designs were carefully embossed onto the finest burnishable calf leather and transformed into a unique set of small leather goods. This film shows Saira's first visit to the Ettinger factory and some of the creative processes.

Embossing an Ettinger Wallet
Adding initials to a finished product requires a lot of skill and experience and consists of heating some special brass blocking dies before applying onto the leather goods with some gold or silver foil. This is therefore done by our best craftsperson to guarantee the best results. The special set of characters that we use were commissioned especially by us in a unique and highly elegant style and we currently can add up to 5 characters per leather item. Most items will be blocked on the front bottom right-hand corner, but this may vary from item to item. Moreover, not all our products can be initialled, due to manufacturing restrictions. If the option does not appear on the product page, then this item cannot be initialled. Ettinger takes great care to block initials by hand, with each custom letter set adjusted individually to ensure the spacing achieves just the right balance and the emboss remains very crisp and delicate. This is done by a specialist craftsperson in our factory and so can take up to 2 weeks for delivery.