Pig Suede

Silky soft pig suede is a wonderful lining material, appreciated for its fine, yet resilient properties just as much as for its characterful looks.

Pig suede has a silky touch and is instantly recognisable thanks to the little dots caused by the pig’s follicles. Pig skin is naturally thin and supple but this is enhanced further by several mechanical processes to massage and soften up the leather, once the skins have been chrome tanned and dyed through.

Suede is in fact the flesh side of the skin, which has been finely trimmed and brushed. It is a beautiful leather for lining fine leather accessories.

Pig Suede Leather: Care & Wear

Suede can be kept clean simply by brushing it regularly with a soft brush. Should you get stains on the suede, wipe it gently with a soft damp cloth, then leave to dry naturally. If this is not sufficient, ask advice from a specialist dry cleaner. Generally speaking, avoid using your leather accessories in very wet or humid conditions. If they do get wet, leave out to dry naturally, away from strong heat sources.